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) and any institutions using this site or its associates for projects, you do not have permission from us to use any of our profile pictures in any form or forum both current and future.

If you have or do it will be considered a violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal action.. WARNING: This profile either in its entirety or any part there of including photographs must not be copied, quoted or used by any person, institution, company or agency.

Legal action will be taken against any party who attempts any breach of data or violation of my rights. ) "hi am a lad from newcastle coming down the south coast, was wondering if yous fancy sorting something out, i have a 10 inch cock n would love to smash your fanny in, let me know babe xx" "Wots ur name and where abt do ya live? Wifey thinks that that is only a single person on that side..” "your profile makes you sound like a dick, and a whiney dick at that, you should be bi and take it up the ass as you whine like a bitch, feel free not to message back" "mmmm i love cummin over your pics xx" ""Bigger the batter , what the size of tits mmmmmm" "This may sound strange but would,you like,to,listen to me wank over your pics? " "very sexy, like my big young cock between ur tits and legs" "Did you know that a penis surrounded by gingery hair gets on average four times stiffer than a penis surrounded by any other colour pubic thatch." (???

) "love you to piss on my face" "would you ever fuck a man with a strap-on?

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* It's not like we don't accept messages from single guys (those goofy bastards are about the best thing i've got going on in my life right now) just have a little r. Try it next time you're walking through a park approaching someone and then.. Can see you sat there now, racking your brains on how to get our attention, " I know" you say, "I'll send them a pic of my hairy cock, that should do it"..., it doesn't..

That and driving to work the next morning with your car looking like a plasterer's radio.. If i had a penny for every time we're asked..(i'd have £1.23p). We are on the South coast, you could be in a place far, far away, take a quick look at a map before saying you'll pop round or you don't mind driving for the "right" people, this is a local profile for local people, we'll have no trouble here..

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